Where We Ate

Chamicos – this was a truly local place recommended to us by one of our cab drivers and to this day probably the best ceviche I ever had was here. The walls were all painted in bright colors, there was live music and even a pool and bounce house for kids to play in … who knew! It was quite the experience and I loved every minute of it. Word to the wise, don’t mistake the habanero salsa for mango salsa, I did, and let me tell you it was not pleasant, unless you like extremely spicy salsa. Opps…

Posada Margherita – this place was so delicious, honestly some of the most delicious Italian food I have ever had, which is comical because we were in Mexico, but I have to tell you it was so good! All there pasta is handmade and all their ingredients are fresh and locally sourced. On top of that it is a cute, little restaurant with some spectacular views. I wish we had gotten there earlier so we could see the sunset, but I would definitely go back here.

Casa Jaguar – You are literally sitting in a jungle that has tables, bathrooms and an outdoor kitchen decorated like it came out of pinterest. It was super cute!!!! I absolutely loved the appetizers. We had delicious ceviche and ahi tune tacos that were so good. For dinner we got a whole fish, which was delicious, but it was very dark so it was hard to see the little fish bones, which made it difficult to eat. Also, they had very tasty drinks. Mezcal is the drink of Tulum (I am personally not a big mezcal drinker, I would prefer tequila) but the drinks we got here you couldn’t even taste the mezcal they were so yummy!

Gitanos – this place looked like it came from Malibu. Cool atmosphere, beautiful décor, awesome vibes, and the food again was very delicious and so were the drinks. The plates are tapas style so it was fun to get a variety of things and share. I especially loved the ahi tuna dish. I also really loved their neon sign out front, very trendy welcome in.

Casa Banana – we randomly chose this place one night. I had a very delicious filet mignon, which I would highly recommend. This was an Argentinian restaurant I believe and was a bit crowded, but overall was a great dinner and experience.

Papaya Playa Project – we went here for lunch one day. The view was breathtaking and the atmosphere is so cool. I loved this place a lot to just chill and have a drink at. It turns into a club at night so the set up was pretty sweet and they even had a DJ come out and start playing music, which we really liked. I had this delicious strawberry banana smoothie drink that I had them add tequila in and it was very refreshing and tasty. We also got burgers, they were good, but it was definitely not In-N-Out but for Mexico they will do.

Villa Pescadores – we ate at our hotel a few times for everything, breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have a very delicious menu, with lots of variety and lots healthy options too. Everything was very fresh and I definitely had some of my favorite dishes and drinks here. The micheladas and the piña coladas were on point! You definitely have to try!

Salciccium – this seemed like the most Americanized restaurant out of all the places we went to, at least by the menu. We stopped here for lunch when we went to the Tulum ruins. They had pizza, hot dogs and hamburgers. A great little spot to stop at if you are going to see the Tulum ruins.

Flor de Michoacan – great little place for desert, drinks and a snack. This little café is famous in the area for their popsicles and ice cream. It was delicious and perfect for the heat! They also have a cute seating area in the back with a fountain that is so peaceful and charming, so definitely check it out.

Hartwood – this is hands down my absolute favorite place, which is why I saved the best for last!! I am for sure going here every time we come to Tulum. One thing to note though, they don’t take reservations certain months out of the year and the ones they do you have to book way in advanced (I mean like months in advance). So if you want to get a table you have to get there well before five if you don’t have a reservation and they start seating people around 5:30. They probably take only the first fifteen parties as walk-ins and that is it. And trust me the line fills up fast, but it is worth getting there early. We went here for our last night and we luckily were one of the first in line but it was sure worth it!!! They probably had the most variety out of every place we went to and they even offered pitchers of their drinks. My favorite, favorite dish was the gambas (prawns), we even ordered it twice it was so good. But everything else was beyond incredible; you really can’t go wrong with any of their dishes. Like I said I will definitely be coming here every time I am in town, so I highly suggest you make a point to go!



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