What We Did

Happy Tours Tulum – we went snorkeling with Happy Tours on our first day since they were located right outside our hotel. The staff was extremely friendly and our guide was awesome. Within the first five minutes of being in the water we saw turtles and stingrays and lots of fish. Our tour guide even took us and a few people in our group way far out to see as much as we could which was so cool. We saw many schools of fish colorful coral and again more turtles and sting rays. I highly recommend it and this was a great company to go through.

Xcaret – I have mixed feelings about Xcaret, part of our experience was awesome, part of it not so much. I don’t know if I absolutely understand all the hype about this place. To me it is like a big amusement park/aquarium but not with all the amazing rides. The “natural” rivers you swim through were interesting. The lady on the plane next to us raved about them, I for one did not necessarily enjoy them, but maybe she had a better experience than we did. At first it seemed super cool and I thought we were going to swim through these beautiful caves, wildlife and such. We swam through a few caves not much to see in them, saw a few birds but that was the most of it. Maybe it was the trail we went on but who knows. What I really did not like about it though was when we got to certain spots (especially towards the end) it got really crowded and we were having to swimming at the pace of everyone else (which ranges in all ages), all while trying not to get hit by the persons fins in front us and trying not to kick the people behind us. This part of Xcaret I wasn’t a big fan of. They also had a lot of aquarium and animal exhibits, which was really cool. I especially liked the baby turtle exhibits they were adorable. The beach area of Xcaret was not as big as it looks online but it was still very pretty, lots of snorkelers in the area and the natural pools were super cool. The one thing though I really liked about Xcaret was the food. We went to the Mexican buffet and it was extremely delicious! The workers recommended it and they were right! My favorite part of Xcaret though was swimming with the dolphins. It is extra money and don’t be fooled by the people outside the park trying to sell you a deal, it is the same price outside the park as inside, but this was so awesome!!!! Dolphins are incredible creatures with an extremely high level of intelligence!! We had so much fun doing this; it definitely made MY day at Xcaret and is something I believe everyone should try! We did not stay for the show at the end of the day, which we were told is the best part of Xcaret. In a way I wish we saw it, but it was definitely a long day at the park and we still had a few hours before the show with not a whole lot to do that appealed to us, so we called it a day after swimming with the dolphins.

Chichen Itza – first off yes it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, but I would honestly never do it again. I am not even sure if I would recommend it. I will say I am glad we did not take a tour to do this because that would have been a waste of a full day. So to start the drive is about three hours through straight jungle with nothing but trees to look at, it is absolutely boring and a bit confusing to get there. Cell phone reception isn’t the best on the drive there and trying to follow print outs of MapQuest when everything is in kilometers not miles is a bit difficult. Once you get there you have to pay to park and they only take cash, so make sure you bring extra cash. It is a bit crowded but the line to get a ticket in wasn’t bad. Once we were in the main temple is the best part of it. It was incredible and to think these people were capable of building this many, many, many years ago was truly mesmerizing. However once you see the main temple everything else looks the same and you eventually realize you are staring at a bunch of rocks. Now that was our opinion of it, it is definitely fascinating, but we got over it quick and I am sure the heat didn’t help either. However I am sure glad we didn’t take a tour because we didn’t stay at the site very long and those tours last up to four hours at the site let alone the bus ride there and back.

Ik Kil Cenote – this cenote was super cool and is just down the street from Chichen Itza. It was well worth coming here after our long hot day at Chichen Itza to cool off. It is honestly a big swimming pool in the middle of the jungle that literally looks like it came out of a scene from Jurassic park. My boyfriend loved this one because they had some cliff diving/jumping here, which he had a lot of fun with. I on the other hand did not partake in any cliff diving because I am not big on heights, even though I was a gymnast my whole life… I know makes no sense. Anyways this place was pretty cool and if you are going to make the drive out to Chichen Itza definitely stop here after.

Dos Ojos Cenote – this was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had. At Dos Ojos you take a forty-minute guided tour through all these incredible underground caves. I will be honest it can get a little frightening at times, but wow was this place remarkable. It is a bit of a drive down this long dirt road and it seems like you are never going to get there but once you do it is so cool. Probably the bluest and clearest water I have ever seen in my life and the way these caves look inside is again remarkable. Our guide was a local Mayan who spoke fluent Mayan, Spanish and English and he was great. Definitely a cenote everyone should go visit!!

Kahlua Bar downtown – we stopped at this bar one night to grab a few drinks. It is on the pueblo side and definitely a local hot spot. When we were there they had karaoke and boy was it packed. The drinks were good, the music was good and it was a fun time.

Tulum Ruins – we rented bikes and rode down to the Tulum ruins. It was probably about a five minute bike ride from our hotel. The ruins were cool, but honestly the best part of it was the beach it overlooked. Lots of great spots/views for taking pictures, but when we went it was very crowded so that made it difficult to get a good picture. Right by the ruins is this awesome little town center that has a few souvenir/gift shops, restaurants and bars. We were recommended to go to the bar with the swings, we were so glad we did. Here we got these amazing pineapple michealadas. Seriously one of the best micheladas I have ever had! It was so tasty and fun to just sit, drink and swing!


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