Tulum, Mexico


Tulum is a little slice of heaven and I am not kidding! Probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to and definitely at the top of my list in terms of favorite places to go. (Side note: if I could move there I would and to be honest I was legit plotting how I could stay). The beaches of Tulum are absolutely breathtaking. They are filled with white sand, warm water in all different shades of blue and the best part you can sit and drink there all day. Definitely my type of vacation!

Things to note:

The playa side is filled with all boutique, higher end hotels, restaurants and actual boutiques. Most staff seems to be international and it is much pricier on this side but you are right on the beach. This is where everyone visiting pretty much stays and probably where we spent most of our time.

The pueblo side is the actual town of Tulum, where most the locals reside and work. This is where you will find most of the gift/souvenir shops; there is also lots of dining and a few bars in this area too. It is much cheaper on this side, but the playa side has a lot more to offer.

Exchange your money! They take dollars at most places but I would definitely exchange your money at the exchange centers to pesos. I say this because if you pay with dollars at the restaurants or other places you will most likely get ripped off. When we went the exchange rate at the exchange centers was about 17 or 18 pesos per dollar but at most of the restaurants their exchange rate was about 14 or 15 pesos per dollar, so definitely exchange your money!

I will be posting more about Tulum soon with where we stayed, where we ate, what we did and what I wore. So stay tuned!